3 Weeks of Yoga E-course Review

Hi, everyone,

I am Raina Sweet, I am 35 and have two kids now. A few years ago, I had  a few indispositions such as light headache, difficulty in breath, felt uneasy off and on, etc. All these things bothered me for a long time.

Last year, my husband, Henry Tan suggested me to go to Yoga class. He said Yoga could improve health, decrease stress, improve breathing, and cultivate a healthier and more harmonious life… Before his suggestion, I already had a little knowledge about Yoga .

So, I followed Henry’s advice and began to look for Yoga class.  But, after a few days of search, I didn’t find an appropriate one, some classes were far away, some were dim, and most of them were expensive. The biggest problem was none convenient for my time.

I told Henry about my trouble. He then told me that one of our friends Mary was learning Yoga online and had got a great progress. The next day, I called Mary and she gave me her online Yoga course (3 Weeks of Yoga E-Course )internet address.

I went to the site at once. However, I didn’t think it a good choice at first . The fee was $79.50. Compared to Yoga class, it was cheaper indeed.But it was an e-book, and I didn’t have any idea about the course at all. I was not sure if it equaled $79.50. Then, I connected to Mary again for her opinion. She  suggested me read the content table of the course and download the sample lessons in the site at first before making a decision.

I backed to the site and this time I read the content table and sample lessons. I found that the course had a 2-month -money-back guarantee,too. At this point, you know, I paid the fee and began to learn Yoga at home at my own speed.

By now, I like to say 3 Weeks Of Yoga E-Course was one of the best investments I’ve ever made ! After 3 months of practice at my own speed, I felt better and better. And I continue practice today because I have fallen in love with Yoga!

3 Weeks Of Yoga E-Course includes 211 pages of comprehensive training material, along with 22 instructional videos. It is divided into 21 lessons, which are sent via Email over a 3 week period.

Some of 3 Weeks Of Yoga E-Course’s Highlights:

  • It’s much cheaper than going to yoga classes.
  • Its step by step guide to yoga is more convenient for beginners and makes learning yoga easy.
  • It’s also a comprehensive introduction to the many dimensions of yoga that all yoga enthusiasts will find informative and enlightening.
  • You can learn at your own pace, practice yoga at your own speed.
  • You can download Table of Contents and 2 Sample Lessons for reference before purchase.
  • You can get your money back in 8 weeks if you don’t like it, nothing to lose.