Aksar 2 Bollywood Movie and Review

Published on Aug 29,2017- Hold your breath as the trailer of Aksar 2 which is sequel to hit film Aksar is right here. Well this film is also marks the debut of popular television star Gautam Rode’s and Abhinav Shukla and Zareen Khan add the much-needed spices to the trailer.

  1. Theme- The theme is nothing new. It is a dirty love triangle with nothing other than just sex. Well it means it has the same storyline as that of Khamishiyan, Hate story, Hate story 2, Hate Story 3 and Wajah tum ho. In a nutshell, it is about a girl and two men caught in a cliched mystery.
  2. Chemistry- Talking about the chemistry, one can experience romance and love making at another level. The sense can give you chills and zareen khan’s bold look in the film is adding up to its spice, but as expected ther is nothing new in this trailer as well.
  3. Dialogues- Few Dialogues are impressive. Like Ek Baar Patte batt gaye toh Player chah kr bhi Tabble chod nhi skte, and teen boond aur teen min m khel khatam wiil just get you wondering as to what will be coming next. But it also has the same old sayings like Do you see The Trap and answer is yes it has nothing new.
  4. Music- The trailer has been given an intriguing music and if you only hear the background music you would definitely imagine as to something really thrilling is going on.
  5. Over all look and feel- Overall ther is just glamour and glamour all around. The places are amazing, the love making scenes are bolder and zareen khan does it again and goes the bolder way, and yea there is twist one will find the cricketer sreeshanth in this trailer. It seems as if he is playing the baddie in this film, all are fine but the only disappointed is the story.

Movie synopsis;

When the governess of an ageing billionaire Mrs khambatta dies under mysyerious circumstaces her financial manager pat hadn’t expeccted  the post And despite khambatta wanting an elderly lady pat manages to give Sheena a change.

Sheena isn’t aware that her appointment comes with a price tag. Smitten by Sheena, Pat now experts her to return the favour or lose the job. Sheena, of course cannot reveal her predicament to her boyfriend Ricky who is into bad times and badly needs the money to survive. Sheena after much resistance is forced to submit to Pat’s amorous advances. But just as Pat thinks that his lady-killer image has scored another hit, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of the scandal about to blow up on his life and career.

The evening with Sheena was not without riders. She lets him a secret about Khambatta’s will that gives pat’s sleepless nights. And even as he discovers the truth about Sheena’s revelation, a bigger shock awaits him.

But the best laid plans always have a chink in the armour. The film hurtles towards a suspenseful climax when all the players… Pat, Sheena, Khambatta, Bachchan and Ricky find themselves in decisive moments. One wrong move can kill.. one right move can make you a millionaire. The rollercoaster ride lasts till the last minute.