Exercise Tips For Elderly People

Time is the only thing that cannot be taken back. Every second you spend is making you aged and the worst thing is that this second will never come again. This is the philosophy of life. People come into this world, spend some time enjoying life and then move away. This is the law of nature which cannot be changed. Aging is a natural process. Though, it is impossible to stop aging yet you can delay it as this is something quite easy.

How To Add Extra Years into Our Life?

Do you know there are some parts of the world where life expectancy rate is more than 80 years? On the other hand, there are some countries having a rate of just 50 years. This huge difference in rate is due to difference in living styles. If you want to add some extra years to your life or you want to feel younger and energetic even in your fifties or sixties then you must perform exercise regularly.

Importance of Exercise

Exercise is as important as eating food. We cannot stay healthy without performing exercise just like we cannot live without eating food. Even the academic researchers also accept the importance of performing exercises as a large number of studies and experiments have proved that those people who perform exercise daily have lesser chances of developing certain types of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. In addition, exercise maintains our overall health, keeps us physically fit and help us in getting rid of mental disorders like stress, anxiety and depression.

Exercise Tips For Old People

It is generally assumed that exercise is not safe for old people as it can result in damage of bones or any fracture. This is nothing but a myth based on lack of information and awareness. Exercise is equally effective for people of all ages. Old people must perform exercise regularly to remain physically and mentally fit but they have to take an extra care while performing workouts. Following are a few exercise tips for elderly people.

Consult Your Doctor First: The most important thing is to consult your doctor before starting any exercise especially if you have any serious health problem.

Avoid Intense Workouts – The bones of older people are relatively weaker so it is highly suggested avoiding workouts that involve sudden body movements or intense physical activity.

Excess of Everything is bad: Do not perform exercise for longer duration as your age and does not allow you to do so. Perform just a few sets of every exercise. You my perform exercise for 30 minutes every day.

Remain Consistent: You must develop a proper schedule for exercise. Developing the schedule is not enough; you also have to follow it strictly.

Add Variety to Your Workouts: You must add variety to your workouts instead of performing just a few exercises every day.

Cardio is Best For You: Cardio workouts are highly beneficial for old people. So, you must go for brisk walking, running, swimming and cycling as they are all cardio exercises.

These are a few exercise tips you need to know for performing exercise safely without getting harmed.