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Which Type of Resume Is Best For You?
There are three main types of resumes you may consider submitting during your job search. The three types of resumes are called functional, chronological, or a combination of the two.

The Functional Resume
This type of resume is usually submitted when you want to put more emphasis on the qualifications and skills obtained during your previous employment. It involves writing a detailed explanation about the experiences you have had that are related to the job you are applying for. Unlike the chronological resume, the main importance of this resume is to outline how well suited you are for the job based on your experience and accomplishments.

The Chronological Resume
The chronological resume is the format that most employers are familiar with. It involves listing in chronological order, the previous jobs held. The chronological resume is usually used to first show your previous employment, promotions, increases in responsibility and other accomplishments. It differs from the functional resume in that the previous employment and accomplishments are dealt with separately.

The Combined Resume
The combined resume is used to incorporate features of both the functional resume and the chronological resume. It uses the best components of each type of resume. The combined type of resume can be described as a resume that places emphasis on your qualifications and skills but in chronological order. Therefore, it will differ from the functional resume in that it lists employment in a chronological order. However, it will differ from the chronological resume by having more emphasis on your skills and accomplishments, and not discussing these components separately.

Which Type Should You Use?
It should be stated that the type of resume you submit would depend on the type of job you are seeking. Many employers prefer the functional resume because they are more familiar with it since it is the most common type of resume. You may consider creating resumes of each type and use them to meet the expectations of a particular employer. Generally, if you are responding to an advertised position you can get some idea of what the prospective employer expects from the applicant.

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