Reviewing Stern Options

I have always considered myself to be a serious trader with Binary Options, so finding a site that is both professional and innovative has always been an essential for me.  When I came across Stern Options I was initially apprehensive.  It’s instinct you see, I am always very particular with companies I want to put my trading trust in, as I take my trading extremely seriously and am not prepared to put my trust into a company if there’s the slightest chance it could be fraudulent.

However, my apprehension quickly melted away as I investigated more about Stern Options, and it is now my number one go-to.  While Reviewing Stern Options I found my apprehension put to rest. So, if you’re on the lookout for a new online trading site to try, keep reading to see if Stern Options is the one for you.

Reviewing Stern Options: First Impressions

Clean-cut with a highly professional-looking layout, Stern Options certainly grabbed my attention from the outset.  I was immediately greeted with the words ‘Welcome To The World’s Most Acclaimed Trading Environment’ which instantly gave me peace of mind that I was looking at a legitimate company that would provide me with a serious and fulfilling trading experience.

However, since trading with Binary Options is something I thoroughly enjoy and consider to be a very serious matter, I wasn’t going to allow myself to be taken in by a simple welcome message on their home page.  I explored further and found out everything I needed to make a properly informed opinion on the site.


After doing some more investigating across all their tabs and pages, it became clear that Stern Options utilizes a world-class trading platform that provides personalised and bespoke trading options to their clients.

In addition, and as many individuals new to the world of Binary Options might not know, a huge deal of in-depth information about its trading process, the financial experts at Stern Options make a conscious effort to train and assist their clients. This results in better knowledge and understanding of the market, which in turn creates an improved return on investment!  This feature didn’t massively apply to me as I consider myself to be well-educated within the arena of Binary Options, however I did appreciate how useful it could be for newcomers which I thought was a great addition to the service it provides. All clients also have the advantage of reaching out to the 24/7 Stern support team for assistance or inquiries.

There is also the option to trade in more than 200 financial assets across 20 international markets. Whilst this may be slightly intimidating for those new to the market, for people like me who consider themselves to be serious traders, this is a stand-out feature that made me really begin to respect the company and accept its potential status as the ‘world’s most acclaimed trading environment’.


As you can probably tell if you’ve made it this far, Stern Options has a lot of great features that eliminated any apprehension I may have initially had.  However, when I came to make my first withdrawal with this site, it did take a lot longer than I initially expected. It took ten days instead of the week I was promised.  I suppose it’s considered to be normal for the first ever withdrawal from a new account to take slightly longer than average but, from a company with such a good reputation, I expected better.

Whilst this was an annoying inconvenience, because I wanted my withdrawal to be swift, I didn’t let it put me off for good.  Upon making subsequent withdrawals, they were much quicker and therefore confirmed my suspicion that the slow withdrawal speed I initially had was simply because my account was new.  I put the delay down to bureaucracy.

Reviewing Stern Options- Conclusion

Overall, whilst Stern Options isn’t perfect, I do definitely consider it to be a stand-out brokerage.  As for their website, I shall certainly be using their trading platform regularly from now on.

One of its most prominent positives (in my opinion!) is Stern’s ability to cater to both the seasoned trader as well as the newcomer traders – its financial advisors are there to educate and improve upon people’s knowledge should they require it to achieve better returns, and its huge scope of trading potential is perfect for traders like me who have years’ worth of experience and want to get on making the most out of their expertise.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to profit in Binary Options, I highly recommend Stern Options as a sure-fire site to try, as it appears to be suitable for everyone regardless of prior experience and knowledge.  Take time to read a few experiences of real traders, for an inside view of trading with Stern Options on our Customer Reviews page.