Satellite TV to PC Software Review

Satellite TV to PC  is claimed a proprietary internet technology. Most of the sites which providing this product claim: “Once installed and running on your PC you will be able to locate a list of national and international satellite TV channels for free from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway etc. that you can watch. These channels include cartoons, movies, music videos and more.”      

Most of Satellite TV to PC products sell under $50 and no one more than $100. It sounds too good to be truth, doesn’t it?

Let’s see some eBay Satellite TV to PC users’ appraisal:

ID checkone4u: I’ve got the software you are talking about and all I could say it is just a bunch of channels that arnt even worth watching, most of them don’t work at all. I’m glad I got it for free

ID digisoft2000: I have actually purchased a three pack satellie tv product off eBay and i can tell you it works perfectly, there are plenty of sports channels and news channels and a few good movie channels, yes there were a few channels that didnt work but i have tried hundreds of other channels that work perfectly  (More info url:

Apparently, there are different views on Satellite TV to PC. It’s hard to say until we use it. Our attitude: As Satellite TV to PC doesn’t cost too much and all the sites have 8 week money back guarantee. If it is a scam, you can get your money back from CLICKBANK. If it is as good as claim, Wow, it is an awesome and convenient tool, isn’t it?!

Here we recommend top 2 well-thought-of websites and provide some other sites’ urls for our readers to have a try. claimes:

  • Over 3000 Stations!
  • Instant Access!
  • Already owned by over 1 million people Worldwide & growing daily!
  • Perfectly Legal: 100% Legal & Safe – No hacking or cracking!
  • Works Worldwide1
  • Helpful Support Team!
  • No Extra Hardware or TV Card Required!
  • Very Easy To Use/No PC Knowledge Required: Just install the program and instantly watch International satellite channels on your PC!
  • No Subscriptions & No recurring Charges. Ever!
  • No Ads, Ad ware Or Spy ware that you get from other services! Claims:

  • No monthly fees to pay, or ridiculous equipment to install, with our technology you  never pay monthly service fees! ever
  • Instant download, immediately after payment start watching, simple, easy installation
  • Get up to 4,000 TV channels worldwide!
  • No other charges! simply download the software and start enjoying your broadcasts within just 5 minutes!
  • Live sports events directly on your PC
  • Works anywhere in the world!
  • 100% safe/legal guaranteed! The channels we provide are public broadcasts!
  • Free updates and technical support
  • Bonus of huge selection of radio stations at no extra cost