Social Engage

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LIVE: The World’s MOST Powerful Social Sales Machine!

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I can’t believe what just happened on the internet right now
– Social Engage just went live and it’s turning the world of
social marketing on it’s head.

This is by far the most powerful social marketing I’ve
ever seen and honestly, what it does is almost unbelievable
– no one is doing this right now!

It allows you to take fully functional video landing pages
with opt-in forms, buy buttons, countdown timers etc.
and put right into your audience’s Facebook newsfeed.

Meaning they’re going to see your video squeeze page
inside their newsfeed and opt-in right from there…

Amazing, right? You can also put in your video sales pages
and sell your products or affiliate products right inside the newsfeed.

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And get this, this software works perfectly inside
fan page posts and even group posts, so think
about it for a minute…

If you have one of those viral fan pages with thousands
of highly engaged fans and now you have a system that
can turn them into leads and customers right from the
newsfeed – wouldn’t that one newfound ability be worth
hundreds or even thousands of dollars for you?

You’ll NO LONGER need those ugly fan page tabs that
your audience barely visits or external landing pages
that struggles to convert…

You can now capture and convert them inside their Newsfeed!

Social Engage is the new piece of engineering that’s making it possible –

Seriously, this changes everything you think
you’ve known about marketing…

Here’s what Social Engage can do for you:

– Integrate real, functional opt-in forms and video landing pages
DIRECTLY inside the Newsfeed and Fanpage posts to collect
ultra-targeted leads
– Sell and promote products directly inside the Newsfeed
– Give away coupons, host contests and promote local businesses
inside the Newsfeed
– Create urgency on your offers with live COUNTDOWN TIMERS inside Newsfeed/Fanpage Posts
– High converting lead video landing page templates already made for you
– Sleek User Interface Allows You to Setup New Campaigns in 90 Seconds
– Inbuilt Analytics for Campaign Performance Tracking
– Professional and Stylish Dashboard for Easy Campaign Management

This is going to change the way you collect leads
and promote products forever, this is by far the
most app in the history of social marketing…
…it changes EVERYTHING

It just went live as an early bird offering with a huge
80% discount so hurry and download it now.

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