This Was a Great Help for My Anniversary Trip

I was so excited when my husband told me that we were going to go on a cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary. We had spent a lot of time raising our kids for so long, and we had no chance in the last 10 years because we had been paying for our kids to go to college. But I had been on a boat once and I became so seasick. I read that getting acupuncture in Chicago can help with that. That seemed almost impossible to me, but I was willing to try it out. I was willing to try anything to keep from having my vacation ruined.

The boat ride I had taken many years earlier was with my stepdad. My mom had just married him, and I was so pleased to learn that he had a boat. He loved to fish and just spend as much time as possible on the water. The very first time that he invited me and mom out with him on the water, I spent almost all my time throwing up over the side of the boat.During the few short times that I began to feel better, I would sit down with him and he would let me do a little fishing. When I finally did catch a fish, I found myself getting nauseous again. It really was upsetting.

I never really went out with my stepdad on his fishing trips again after that. I knew there was no hope because I had trouble with getting sick on amusement park rides, in the car and in so many other situations. Other kids grew up having fun with playing computer games, but I could not. Even those made me really ill. The acupuncturist promised me that he could make it so that I would not have any trouble with getting sick on the cruise, and he was right!