Uninstall Software Story

I am Mike Joe. It’s my pleasure to share ny story with you.

How many do you have in the followed questions? If your answer is none, wow, you are the topmost rung of Fortune’s ladder!

How to uninstall Norton or McAfee antivirus and security products?

How to uninstall media player 10 beta?

How to uninstall internet explorer?

How to uninstall almightysearch?

I had more than ten times of such questions above. One was Norton uninstall happened last month.

My laptop had a trial version of Norton Antivirus  which was preinstalled at the time of purchase. When I tried to install another antivirus software product on 13,Sep, I found the trial viersion of Norton was a big disaster. I couldn’t uninstall it completely at all.

I tried Add/Remove Control Panel, ran Norton automatic removal program and delete every Symantec folders under Program Files. But, you know, my new antivirus software product still couldn’t be installed properly, it continued warning me uninstall Norton at first. I tried every free tool I found on internet. None worked. I found some products for sale, but I was not sure which would work. So, when the weekend passed, I got nothing done.

15, Sep,Monday,  I talked to the engineer of my company, Roger, he instructed to download Perfect Installer.

I purchased Perfect Installer at noce and, wow, great,  I uninstalled Norton completely in an hour (including the time download and install Perfect Installer) and had my new software installed. I uninstalled other software that useless for me such like ie7.0, windows media player etc. too(I use Mozilla Firefox, and RealOne, they are more comfortable).

My fellow Andy’s Testimonial, he took my advice last week and bought Perfect Uninstaller, too.

I wasn’t expecting a freebie so yes, I bought the product because every single time I opened this application (an ebook creator) I get 2 annoying error messages before I can begin to do anything. Of course, tried to uninstall using Windows to no avail!

Anyway, used Perfect Uninstaller to remove the product and this time app was completely uninstalled. I re-installed it again and this time no more error messages!